We have been so impressed with The Learning Tree Preschool and especially Miss Brittney. Our little girl has done and learned so much this year! She looks forward to school and loves learning. Miss Brittney has a way of making learning fun and hands on. And she makes each child feel special and loved. It's obvious she cares about each and every student's future. We have loved having our oldest enrolled there and look forward to sending our other children. Thank you Miss Brittney!   ~Mandy A.

Miss Brittney is wonderful!! My daughter comes home from preschool and pretends to be "Miss Brittney", and I'M a student :) So, I get a very good feel for what they have done and learned that day! I can tell how engaged Miss Brittney is with her students, and would definitely recommend The Learning Tree Preschool!   ~Brittany P.

We've LOVED The Learning Tree Preschool. My little boy is so excited to go to school every day and we've been so impressed with the progress Miss Brittney has helped him make, with how often she communicates with us, with the funnest little activities she plans, and with how warm and loving she is to all of her students.  ~Aubrey C.

We love Miss Brittney. My son had a hard time coming back to class after a break and was having some separation anxiety. Miss Brittney took him, crying and all, but I was nervous about leaving him. In a matter of minutes he was happy and she sent me a picture via text to reassure me things were OK. She really cares about the kids, and that is what matters to me.  ~Shanna C.

I have been very happy with my son's experience at The Learning Tree Preschool. He is learning so much--not only academics, but how to get along in a group of his peers. I love seeing his progress with identifying and write his letters and love hearing him trying to sound out words. I am also glad that Miss Brittney teaches things about science, etc., which he is very interested in! I am especially glad that I know he is in good, loving hands when I send him to preschool. Thank you Brittney!     ~Michele A.

The Learning Tree Preschool was a perfect match for my 3-year-old. The small class size was great, he loved the many different activities she provided each day, and he has grown to love Miss Brittney! Miss Brittney is very organized and lets you know about things really far in advance. We have loved The Learning Tree Preschool!     ~Beth S.

We have loved The Learning Tree Preschool. My daughter is so excited every day when I tell her it's a preschool day, and she comes home with a big smile on her face. She has learned so much this year. She will often randomly bring up something I had no idea she knew about, like a book's illustrator and author, or how dinosaurs became extinct. When I ask her how she knows about something like that, she will say, "Preschool!" She has learned the whole Pledge of Allegiance, she has made friends, she has picked up good manners at meal time, and she has had a great time doing it. Miss Brittney has been the perfect preschool teacher for her.     ~Amanda K.

We have really loved Miss Brittney and Learning Tree! My son has learned so much and is always excited for school. Miss Brittney is so fun and loving with the kids and always happy to be there. It is obvious that she LOVES teaching these kids. I would highly recommend The Learning Tree Preschool!     ~Candis M.

Before Learning Tree, my daughter had very bad anxiety.  She didn't like her last preschool and cried every time I dropped her off. After attending The Learning Tree, everything changed. She absolutely LOVED it, her anxiety disappeared, and she didn't cry when I dropped her off - she actually looked forward to going! She has learned so much!!  Miss Brittney is an absolutely wonderful teacher, she is a great person that loves to teach. She treats all her kids as if they were her own and my daughter loves her so much. When she has school breaks she always says she can't wait to go back to school, not only because she wants to see her friends but because she wants to be with Miss Brittney.  Teachers are always a hit and miss, you either have one that truly cares for their students and wants nothing more than to teach them everything they can to be able to become great people, or you have one that doesn't.  Miss Brittney is the best, and if our children had more teachers like her their futures would be much brighter.  My daughter is going to Kindergarten next year and we are going to miss The Learning Tree very much.  Thank you, Brittney, for starting the next 12 years of her education off in such a way that she will go off next year proud of who she is and what she has learned.     ~Marie M.

My son loves and looks forward to going to Preschool. It is a positive environment and I would recommend anyone to go there. Miss Brittney is awesome. Thank you for loving our children.     ~Skye B.

Having a good relationship with his teacher was one of my main concerns for my child when choosing a preschool for him. After meeting Miss Brittney I felt like she would be a good fit for my son. I have not been disappointed! She is one of my son's favorite aspects of preschool. He has developed a positive relationship with her which has helped him feel good about going to school and learning. As a former educator myself, I know how important it is for children to develop a good educational foundation early in life. I feel confident that Miss Brittney has helped my child achieve this.     ~Temma D.

My child has had such a wonderful experience at the Learning Tree. Every morning he would wake up and ask if he got to go to school that day. Hearing that ensured that we made the right choice in preschools!     ~Jessica S.

Miss Brittney makes learning so fun for her students!  My daughter mimics Miss Brittney on the days she doesn't have preschool and "teaches" her siblings.  She goes through circle time and sings songs and even attempts the same mannerisms as her teacher.  That is proof that Miss Brittney truly is awesome!      ~Amy M.

The Learning Tree Preschool is amazing.  Miss Brittney is a wonderful teacher.  She is so cute with the children and has a real love for teaching them.  The activities she provides for her students are fun and so creative.  Every day my kids come home having learned something new.  My children love going to school and I know it is a safe and wonderful learning environment for them.  I would recommend this school to anyone.      ~Alison B.

My son has really opened up emotionally and intellectually since being in Miss Brittney's class.  He has learned not only book smarts (ABC's and 123's) but he has learned how to share his feelings with me.  He has made friends, had lots of fun experiences and projects that he shares with me when I pick him up, and the other day he started saying the Pledge of Allegiance to me!  I am so impressed with the way Miss Brittney teaches and treats the children, and for my son to love preschool and look forward to it every day speaks volumes!  Miss Brittney has really helped him go from a home-body to a friendly and social butterfly.  I recommend her to anyone considering preschool for their child!     ~Brooke H.